Earlier this year, my husband and I, with our four grandsons and their parents, went to Incredible Pizza for dinner followed by games and rides. My life was rich and full now without the constant pain that had dominated it for decades.

Incredible Pizza is a huge family entertainment center featuring bumper cars, go-karts, a trampoline park, mini-golf, video games, etc. along with every conceivable variety of pizza. The boys’ enthusiasm was contagious, and I became caught up in the excitement…watching them revel in this land of frenetic high speed fun.

After a while, the boys, their parents and my husband seemed to scatter, and I began to roam around looking for them without success.

I was exasperated, thinking “We’ve been here way too long. I can’t stand much more of this noise.  How can they just run off and leave me?” …My old programming kicked in – the stern voice inside me spoke to me with disapproval: “Elaine, you should be a good sport and tough it out, stop whining, just suck it up…..”

It was then that I noticed my body trying to get my attention…..my legs and back were tight and aching…the pain was building in my body as I fell back into the role pattern of the people pleasing little girl striving to be perfect in order to get the love she needed from others.  I knew I needed to shift my focus and told myself ...STOP!!

I stopped my critical mind chatter long enough to go within myself and allow, identify, and accept how I was feeling emotionally…..angry and frustrated. My body’s message was “be kind to yourself, just find your husband and tell him you want to go home”…..

I listened to the wisdom of my body. We found the kids and said goodbye. Walking toward the exit, I noticed that my pain had completely vanished! The power of the mind-body connection allowed my body to relax and release muscle tension…tension resulting from old self sabotaging beliefs that no longer served me. My body knew I was ignoring what was right for me in the effort to please others.

Begin to stop and notice the relationship between your mind’s activity and your physical sensations. Listen to the wisdom that lies within you and unlock your power to heal.

Remember, YOU  hold the key!