Recently I attended a festive holiday party and experienced a pain syndrome I thought was gone forever.  It was a large holiday party in a community venue featuring an impressive sit down dinner prepared by the hostess and her friends.

There were about a hundred people to serve, and the second course was a lovely vegetable soup.  The hostess was in the kitchen ladling the steaming soup into plastic bowls which she very skillfully arranged on large baking sheets.  Each sheet or tray held eight bowls of soup.

I dutifully entered the kitchen hoping to help in some small way…but somehow ended up carrying a huge tray of bowls of soup out into the dining area.  In my effort to “do the right thing” I wobbled around the tables serving soup -while trying not to spill anything -or worse yet, not to drop the entire tray!

I was trying too hard (again).  My neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands were clenched and contracted from the effort –  and then…oh no!  –   there it was.……the infamous piriformis pain that had plagued me for so long –  like a knife plunging into my buttocks!

I finally chose to let someone take over for me, and when I returned to my seat I was able to chuckle at myself and relax.  In less than a minute all my discomfort was gone.  Nothing was wrong with me. I had not “hurt” myself or triggered  a “flare up” of an old injury.

 But……..I had foolishly offered to help (when I really didn’t want to) because I believed it was something I “should do.”

 As we begin the new year, I encourage you to practice self kindness, an essential part of your key to healing.

Wishing you peace and joy!