Tuesdays with Janet

Six months after back surgery, my pain continued to rule my life.

I had loved practicing yoga years before – but was instructed to stop yoga by my physical therapists.  I was finally given “permission” to try it again. Janet, a specialist in therapeutic yoga, had been highly recommended to me. I phoned her and told her that I was very limited physically and that surgery had not resolved my painful symptoms.

We agreed to meet for a private session the following Tuesday afternoon. I remember hobbling into the yoga studio and immediately experiencing a pleasant feeling of comfort in this space that seemed both soothing and energizing at the same time.

Janet masterfully guided me into the process of connecting with myself – noticing my breath, my body, my thoughts – slowly and patiently taking me into a place of self awareness.  She embodied a singular blend of strength and softness, wisdom and whimsy, knowledge and novelty, serenity and enthusiasm.

Janet created a custom program for me to practice at home and little by little I began to build strength and flexibility. We continued to meet every Tuesday for the next six months.  After each session I felt refreshed and renewed – my mind and body felt lighter and freer!

Janet’s approach artfully combined spirituality, ancient wisdom, and  practical physical guidance including the latest scientific information regarding body mechanics and physiology. She tied all of this together to build a platform for my eventual transformation!

Each session brought me closer to something I had not accessed before – a true connection to the source of peace within myself.  Janet’s gentle reminders that everything I was seeking was already within me restored my hope, brought forth self acceptance, and eventually empowered me to access my key to healing.

After six months, I was strong enough to attend Janet’s group classes and have been doing so for several years now.  Tuesdays with Janet led me to discover the infinite possibilities that lie within each one of us.  So today  I encourage you to be still and listen  – all that you seek is already within you…..


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