The Magic of Subtraction

How Taking Away Adds More

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu’s words echo in my mind:  To attain wisdom, subtract things every day.   

Our culture tends to reinforce the belief that filling every moment of our day with activities is a sign of value and significance. Yet, it seems that so many of us are on a perpetual treadmill with no finish line and little real purpose.

Can we actually be more productive and experience greater joy when we radically shift our relationship with our To Do Lists?  The answer is a resounding YES!

Consciously examine the list, and purposefully find something to subtract. Then, practice adding moments of stillness to your day which activate and free your creative, healing energy while unlocking your inner wisdom. Your mind, body, heart, and spirit reconnect – stimulating your imagination and mental agility as they unleash your full potential!

Martha Beck suggests you study your To Do List and imagine  you are reading it years from now, moments before your own peaceful death. Which of the items on the list feel affirming? Which mean nothing?

Here are some simple ways to incorporate these concepts into your day:

  • Take regular breaks to move your body, and breathe deeply while allowing your mind to soften and unwind.
  • Schedule moments of stillness each day for as little as one to ten minutes at a time.  Allow yourself to be present with this experience without judgment –  just notice whatever unfolds.
  • Make sure to enjoy something deliciously delightful each day …gathering with friends/family, playing/cuddling with your pet, walking in the park, lighting a fragrant candle, witnessing a magnificent sunset,  listening to your favorite music, etc.

Less truly IS More…..and as always –

Remember, YOU hold the Key!