During times of unrest and uncertainty we need to be mindful of the voices in our heads – you know the ones I mean – our inner critics, catastrophizers, analyzers and predictors of the future obsessively spouting what-if’s and oh no’s.

The great American author, speaker and teacher, Byron Katie, created a method of self-inquiry called The Work. The Work is a way of identifying and questioning our stressful thoughts.  Years ago, Katie (her nickname) wrote a post called LIVE NOW: JUST DO THE DISHES!  

 As Katie says “just focus on the dishes in front of you. ‘Doing the dishes’ is a practice of learning to love the action that is in front of you.”

When we pay attention to the present moment and notice what is before us right now, life is “more graceful, effortless, and miraculous.”

 Legendary mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn reminds us: “The past no longer exists. The future is just a fantasy until it happens. The one moment we actually can experience — the present moment — is the one we seem most to avoid…That doesn’t mean we can no longer think about the past or future, but… we do so mindfully, so that we’re aware that right now we’re thinking about the past or future.”

Let’s begin by noticing the menacing voices in our heads without judgment – allowing them to float by like clouds in the sky- and begin the practice of  BE – HERE – NOW

When we simply observe our fearful mind stories, our nervous systems can calm and allow the body to activate its natural healing processes. 

When we Just Do The Dishes we are experiencing the miracle of the moment which holds Your Key to Healing!