Now that the holiday hoopla has settled down and the resolution frenzy has subsided, it’s time to pause and realize that while we were focusing on what we want to accomplish, change or create in 2018; we may have unknowingly ignored a critical component. 

Our plans to strengthen our health, boost our financial security, cultivate more satisfying personal and professional relationships, etc. etc. are hugely impacted by our MINDSET.

Our conscious and unconscious beliefs and assumptions, along with our inner dialog create our MINDSET, and our mindset is the force driving our life experience and our health.

 Caring for your mind is the single most important preventative health measure you can take – even more so than quitting smoking, daily exercise, eating your veggies, or enough sleep.  Lissa Rankin, M.D.

 So let’s explore this concept:

Our brain evolved to keep us alive in an environment of recurring dangers that could literally kill us, and our brains today retain this survival wiring.

The brain is constantly scanning the environment for “threats” that today are, for the most part, psychological.

This survival mode keeps us focused on the negative interpretation of our experiences, and we unwittingly believe and attach to the stream of negative thoughts and perceptions coursing through our heads.

 This keeps our body’s stress responses activated, interfering with our natural ability to explore creative solutions and deep healing.

 When developing resolutions, we often default to some version of the following imprisoning mindset based on our need to “fix” ourselves.

“I should be happier, richer, smarter, thinner, faster, better, and on it goes.

I should not waste time, take a rest, eat that cookie, spend that dollar, etc. etc.

I can’t approach this task because I’m not good at math, art, science, technology….

I’m just not good enough!”

If our plans for the new year revolve around a mindset of self-induced pressures, we are not free to explore our true potential.

Our minds and bodies are operating in a destructive, yet socially acceptable, mindset.  And beware, this mode can be very sneaky and remain hovering in the background of our awareness!

Therefore, it is imperative for optimum health, well-being, and success that we consciously shift our awareness to a mindset that fosters an affirming mindset.

 Here are some examples of the ability we all have to create empowering mindsets.

“I love to walk and will schedule regular walks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I want to feel energetic, rested and alert. I will remember to pay attention to my need for adequate rest and sleep by going to bed when I feel sleepy.  I will schedule mini-breaks throughout the work day to restore and refresh myself.

I will seek out the company of people who boost my energy and limit time with those who don’t.

I will remember to set aside moments each day to focus on appreciation and gratitude for the simple delights in my life.”

We can choose to set goals from a mindset that supports and enhances personal growth while fostering creativity and possibility.  In the words of Joseph Campbell:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors

where there were only walls.”   

And, as always, remember – YOU hold the key,