Transformative Tips for 2019

This year I choose to treat myself to a New Year’s Reset.  I want to hit my refresh button and set the default to Magic! 

We often use the word magic to indicate a mysterious or unexpected transformation, and of course our bodies are constantly transforming. In this post I am referring to the everyday magic that emerges when we drop the “pressure cooker” approach to living our lives.

I googled the word magic on Here are some results that are directly related to Your Key to Healing and our body’s innate ability to heal.

“Magic, it was believed, could drive illness from the body.” 

“The magic of recovery.”

How did I decide to default to magic?  Throughout 2018 I became very curious about myself and my life.  I engaged in deep self-reflection observing my life through a variety of lenses leading to a greater awareness of my own story – like viewing my life on a film screen and observing it with interest and WITHOUT judgment.

From this perspective, it was very obvious how most of my life challenges that had seemed like obstacles and sources of emotional pain in the past had almost always led me to opportunities or new sources of inspiration.

One thing we know for sure is that life is full of challenges and that no matter how hard we try to ensure our success, things may very well go off course.

This takes me to my current path of Mindset Magic. When we shift into a mindset driven by the power of possibility, we unlock Mindset Magic.

But what IS Mindset Magic, and how do we harness its transformative power?

When we fall into the familiar trap of believing that our lives must be managed, controlled and manipulated in order for us to enjoy success and prosperity; we are actually shutting down our creative potential that thrives on openness and freedom.

Also, our body’s natural healing mechanisms cannot operate effectively when we are consumed with the tension that arises from frantically forcing life to conform to our rigid expectations.

Mindset Magic begins with seeing through new eyes. We shift our focus and allow ourselves to truly experience and welcome life without the need to fix anything. This restores balance to the mindbody system.

When we end our war with life,

we make space for change to occur.

Looking ahead into this new year, I find it helpful to focus on allowing myself to be with life rather than striving to control and contain it. 

Dr. Lissa Rankin reminds us: “…what if faith requires taking refuge in the unknown, resting there without knowing? What if this is where true peace lives? Trusting the unknown doesn’t protect you…but you may discover that …when you don’t know, anything is possible.”

Let’s embrace the mystery of 2019 and trust in its power.

This means that when we are engaged in goal setting and planning, we realize that there will likely be “road blocks and detours.”  These unexpected developments may lead us to a surprising outcome or the formulation of a new plan. Mindset Magic allows us to remain flexible and open to unanticipated events which often hold fresh and promising possibilities.

Adopting a magical mindset also involves shifting our priorities. We turn off the struggle switch and actually schedule magical moments.

We set our radar on finding answers to this question:

What feels playful and delightful?

A walk in the sunshine, a restful break accompanied by your favorite music, a luxurious rest, laughter shared with friends or family, playing with your child or pet… hugs, smiles, celebrations, enjoying nature, sitting in silence, dancing, singing, reading, writing, drawing,……the options are endless.

The gift of life is filled with everlasting hope and possibility when we allow ourselves to simply BE.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  Joseph Campbell

And as always, remember YOU hold the key,