Tuesdays with Janet

Six months after back surgery, my pain continued to rule my life. I had loved practicing yoga years before – but was instructed to stop yoga by my physical therapists.  I was finally given “permission” to try it again. Janet, a specialist in therapeutic yoga, had been highly recommended to me. I phoned her and […]

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The Party and the Piriformis

Recently I attended a festive holiday party and experienced a pain syndrome I thought was gone forever.  It was a large holiday party in a community venue featuring an impressive sit down dinner prepared by the hostess and her friends. There were about a hundred people to serve, and the second course was a lovely […]

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The Gift of Pain

It’s Thanksgiving – the time to focus on gratitude – and my opportunity to say how truly grateful I am for my experience with chronic pain. My road to recovery was paved with precious gifts. I connected with the safe haven that has always been within me. I discovered a deep internal source of comfort […]

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Lost & Found at Incredible Pizza

Earlier this year, my husband and I, with our four grandsons and their parents, went to Incredible Pizza for dinner followed by games and rides. My life was rich and full now without the constant pain that had dominated it for decades. Incredible Pizza is a huge family entertainment center featuring bumper cars, go-karts, a […]

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Couple arguing and shouting on each other

How a Fight with My Husband Helped Me Heal

No, it was not fatal, and I was not the recipient of mega bucks from his life insurance policy……………BUT – I noticed something astonishing about my chronic pain symptoms that helped me unlock my power to heal. During the heated exchange, I shed a bucket of tears. As the spat continued, I became aware that […]

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